Air conditioning service and assembly

The main cause of poor air quality in air-conditioned spaces is scarce, and sometimes no cleaning or maintenance of any kind of air conditioning units. Such devices are a true source of infection and can be the cause of many diseases that cause bacteria and moulds that intensify on the internal unit evaporator.

We carry out service and assembly of air conditioners, cooling of gas, inspection of device operation parameters, condensate drain cleaning and commissioning. As part of the service we also perform disinfection and chemical cleaning of the air conditioning device.

We have the Decision of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Health for the mentioned operations.

The air conditioning service includes:

  • Arrival on-site and detection
  • Digital reading of the temperature on the internal unit
  • Cleaning the filter and evaporator of the internal unit
  • Cleaning the turbine
  • Cleaning the drainage duct and the condensation of the internal unit
  • Disinfection of the air conditioning unit with antibacterial agents
  • Gas pressure control (Cooling media)
  • Functional control

Installation of the air conditioning unit includes: installation of internal and external units up to 3 meters in height without the use of scaffolding or auto cranes, wall perforation (brick up to 55cm thick, reinforced up to 30cm), vacuuming and commissioning, up to:

  • 3 meters of length of the refrigerating and electrical installation between the internal and external units
  • 3 meters of length of the PVC duct dimensions 60x40mm for setting up installation- installation – overhanging
  • 3 meters length of PVC duct dimensions 16x16mm for power supply cable – overhanging
  • up to 3 meters condensation drain in prepared drain
  • 1 pair of galvanized units for mounting the external  unit