Cleaning of kitchen ventilation and air conditioning systems

A new way to access the cleaning of kitchen ventilation. With years of experience we have found that too little attention has been given to cleaning the kitchen ducts that extend into the drains. Usually the kitchen ducts are disassembled and the fat is rinsed. We noticed that the drains, especially if the ducts are in the lowered ceiling or unavailable for disassembly have been very scarcely cleaned. Usually, the chimney brushes or robots have been used but did not yield satisfactory results. We came to understand that the best vertical and horizontal duct cleaning device is of a Finnish manufacturer LIFA AIR. Since we have all the equipment contained in our set, we guarantee maximum efficiency.

We clean the kitchen ventilation ducts by treating them with a degreasing foam and multiple brushing. Treatment with special foam is shown as the most effective way to clean the vertical drains. By purchasing the set, we have also obtained a special camera for carrying out imaging of kitchen drains so that the user of our service gets a recording after the cleaning has been carried out.

Cleaning the air conditioning is done using a live cleaning method (electromotors in the air conditioning chambers and the corresponding electrical cabinet), after the cleaning we perform the thermographic imaging and issue a report on the overall condition.

We clean the ducts with special brushes from LIFA AIR, as well as by using a special dust collector. We must take the air sample before and after cleaning with the MAS 100-EC. The device reads the apparent amount of mould and aerobic mesophilic bacteria. Our long-standing experience enables us to use the readings and give an opinion on air quality in the premises and recommendation on further time intervals for re-cleaning.

Disinfection is done by means of a special device located on the top of the pipe to which the brushes are attached. The disinfectants used are: Asepsol EK.

The degreasing solvents we use are:

  2. BIS K 8015
  3. BIS L 4080

Kitchen ventilation and air conditioning devices and equipment

  1. Duct cleaning device – LIFA  SPECIAL CLEANER 20PE

Electrical cleaning device, rotating internal cable, speed regulator. Cleaning of ducts in cross-section from 100 to 400 mm. Cable length 20 m

  1. Duct cleaning device – LIFA SPECIALCLEANER 25 MULTI

Electrical cleaning device, rotating internal cable, speed regulator. Duct cleaning in cross section from 300 to 800 mm. Cable length 25 m. Includes brush adapter as well as air hose and disinfection.

  1. Ducut control with color camera

LCD screen, hand controls, control panel, 25 m of cable, rider converter

  1. Vacuum air clean 3500

Air flow 3600 m³ / h with EU7 bag filter 2500 m³, hose 25 m

  1. Centralizer for SC 25
  2.  Karcher HDS 6/14 C high pressure cleaner with hot water
  3. Karcher NT 65/2 AP dry cleaner and wet cleaner
  4. Mobile foam cleaner- Kinght-mobile foam clean 3S 100-EU
  5. Compressor
  6. Electrical generating unit KJI 3600s

Possibility of regulating the mixture of air and water resulting in the choice of dry or wet foam (excellent for kitchen drains).

  1. Basic, combined and soft brushes, brushes with plastic center and disk, aggressive brushes, brush cutter for hard grease. sizes from 100 to 1100 mm
  2. Recording with Fluke camera TiS 50 9 Hz
  3.  Disinfection with Aseposol eco